Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seasons of Change and Blessings (in disguise)

Hello my friends!  It's been a crazy couple weeks around the farm and I'm not seeing any slow down for a while to come.  The garden for one requires a ton of attention.  Miss one day and it seems to put me so far behind. So you can imagine if I miss two or three days.  My Joey always tells me I need to spend 30 min. every morning and I know I should but my consistency clock has been broken for a long time and is in need of major repair;) Any who... time keeps on ticking!!
Another thing that's kept me hopping is the awesome person Myquillyn Smith who wrote this most amazing book... The Nesting Place and I seriously could not put it down.
 I'm pretty sure, no let me get this straight, it definitely is the first decorating book I have ever read from cover to cover (and anyone that knows me knows I have tons of them all over the place... they are one of my sweet joys in life) . Not only that but I read it in 3 days!!!  She just made everything so clear and I automatically felt this great connection and too many similarities to my own life it was incredible!!  But mostly she inspired me.  She inspired me even where I am in life.  A few years back my husbands business failed (oops I started getting all serious) and we had to move from a very large house that would not sell into our 900 sqft (then 700) cabin and I'll have to be honest I really was a big baby about it.
This is before the we painted the roof and the outside for the 2nd time;)
weird coloring but it's late and I'm tired...after pic
  Maybe not outwardly but inwardly I was pouting and you know how that inward stuff spills out even when you think you are holding on tight and trying to smile.  Let me tell y'all something I've actually been pretty spoiled my whole married life.  Yes we have moved more than I can count on my two hands, but most of the houses were brand new built by my man so you  see, it has not been too shabby a life.  So... getting to the point.. my cabin that originally was a hunting cabin with rat pills piled high in every corner, became a grody place I had to make my home and in a hurry.
me sweeping up rat pills still and laying tile... we got those shelves out of a trash pile;)
this is before we moved in and "pretty" was overpowering
"function"... kids beds moved in after this and then we built on later
and this became our oldest girls home...
It's changed a lot in the last 4 years, mostly just rearranging furniture and trying to figure out where my 4 kids could sleep and wishing the dream house we started would be a reality soon...
but it hasn't been soon. It's still not a reality 4 years later (longest I've lived in a house) and reading this book made me realize it's just where the Lord wanted me for this season.  To quit whining and being a spoiled brat and to embrace how much He's changed me and molded me into this different less OCD (to say the least) person.  Little messes don't bother me like they used to, in fact, little tools of Joey's laying here or there are a reminder to me that he really needs me and kid's treasures all about blessing my heart,  the closeness the cabin has brought my sweet family, the Sunday mornings we decide to stay home and we can get out on our 100 acres (yes you heard me right... like I have any reason to complain) and explore His creation and the closeness you feel to Him in nature,  the joy Tarry There Garden brings us and Joey's bees buzzing all around.
  The list could go on and on about what the Lord has taught me out here.  It's been humbling and amazing and I'm in awe of how much He loves little old rotten.. me!  That all being said I haven't really made time to make this cabin a lovely place because my heart wanted to live next door in the house that is still just sticks. 
a little more than sticks I suppose...
I wasn't making this the loveliest home I could.  I had all the resources without spending hardly any money ($140 for paint and a couple thrifty finds) and after one  small amazon purchase later (book mentioned above) I find my self outta control. Ripping out a grody shower,
this is the shower that had enough of 6 peeps!!it's outta here
The new LOOK:)
painting everything in sight,  going from room to room and ladder to sewing machine.  Seeing my whole family and the joy it is bringing them to see our cabin transform into something we all love so much is THE COOLEST!!
  I still dream that the house next door will someday come to fruition but living in the now is easier and healthy even.  Decorating and rearranging and painting has always been my thang but I'm thankful to get out of the rut I was in and finding (choosing) joy... now and every day.  The joy of the Lord is my strength.  His joy gives me strength!!! I don't have to be weak and sad I can be strong and joyous... little praise tantrum;)
Then... there's these four kids I have that will for a good while longer keep me hopping!! That... I will never regret or be sad about but I will always be thankful for the "busy-ness" they create.  Summer time fun for them is about to kick in high gear and let's just say that's a whole other blog post.
Thanks for stopping by and letting me get real!! I'll try my best not to be whiny inside or out but I will continue to boast in the Lord because HE is too good to (stinky rotten) me.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Stacy! Beautiful...you, your story, your family, and your cabin! ~Renee

  2. I found your blog through Pinterest. What a sweet and real post... I too love the Lord Jesus, he saved my soul at the age of 15, praise to Him :) I will follow you blog when I get the change... I also have one myself: happyshabbyhippy.blogspot.com, take care and all the best as you choose JOY!

  3. Just found your blog. . . so glad I did!!!