Sunday, April 27, 2014

Battening Down the Hatches

Well it's Arkansas folks and you just never know about the weather. The weathermen are predicting severe storms today with large hail and possible tornadoes so Joey and I decided that the ox indeed is in the ditch and we better go out and see what all needs to be protected.  The hens are loving it outside today!!

Of course Joey started with the bees(He loves them so much).  Coffee in hand he made sure the rocks were on the lids and then while there he likes to tell me  his plans.  He's got post in for a new fence so the sheep won't be able to eat the flowers anymore. 
Next we decided the cars can get tucked away in the barnhouse garage so we moved those in and all the sudden while scoping out the garden we realized all those baby plants are gonna get pelted.  What a waste of money and hard work so we start putting our brains together and digging through the pole barns.   Joey finds these little mini trusses he's had forever and has wondered for a long time what in the world he would use them for so we pull those out and I go hunt down some plastic or some sort of covering as a roof for them.  Well wouldn't you know it I found this netting material laying in a pile in the barn and it's perfect!! Since the rain was coming quick we thought best to get the whole family involved:)
Here's one down... several more to go!! IT"S GREAT:) later on will add legs to them to make them taller for bigger plants but for now this will do.  Can you believe the Lord provided the perfect materials in all our junk... He's good to us that way!!

 My kids helped out so much and everyone was working together so joyfully... realizing the importance of it and we were so thankful for how quickly it was moving along.  It was one of those moments I knew I had to write it down so I would never forget this day and the gratitude I had for my little family...

The animals usually like to get involved but that's ok;)
Wasn't too long later and we had enough to cover the most fragile veggies and here's the finished product I'm quite pleased with!! My Joey's got skills and I like how our brains together work as one some of the time;)
Of course everyone was famished so immediately us gals headed to the kitchen with our Rend Collective tunes blaring in the background and whooped up one mean country breakfast!! Thanking the Lord today for his man blessings and provisions.  We may not have a lot but we always have plenty:)

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  1. I really enjoy your blog, Stacy. I look forward to your new posts. :)